August 26, 2012

Considering a Crop

I absolutely love my hair, but every once in a while I feel like a change is in order. For the majority of my life I have had long curly hair that I have obsessively straightened. Thanks to a whole host of hair care products, I can happily say that despite over 10+ years of flat ironing, I do not have damaged hair. It's a pretty big miracle considering how much I force my hair to be something it's not.

Despite my continued success at making my curly hair straight, I have always found myself getting bored with my hairstyle fairly frequently. As a result, when I was in high school I chopped it all off and rocked a stylish version of the pixie cut for a few years. My hair grows very quickly and during my four years in high school I actually did this twice; in my defence only the first instance of chopping all my hair off was for boredom. I learned that if I had more than 8 inches of hair availble to cut off, I could donate it through the salon to a charity that donates the hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients. As soon as I heard that, I decided that I would grow my boredom cut out and chop it off again as soon as I could.

But I got bored with my short hair (even though the low-maintenance was amazing!) and I grew it out. I wore it long for most of my university career, but about three years ago, a few months after graduation, I chopped off all my hair again, this time choosing to keep it a little longer. I ended up with a razored bob, much like the iconic Victoria Becham style. I loved this haircut, but within a year or so I found myself becoming bored, and longing for long hair.

Long hair allows you the ability to vary your day-to-day hairstyle, and thus it takes longer for me to become bored with a longer style. I have been wearing my hair long since approximately 2010, when my last lobbing off of my hair grew out. Starting to get restless with my style, I chose to mix it up a bit by having bangs cut. I last rocked this style in the early 90s when I was a child, and I was very apprehensive about trying it again as I was concerned that bangs would make me look childish. But I decided to go for it, rationalizing to myself that if I hated it, it would grow back. And I have an arsenal of bobby pins that I could use to get myself through the awkward growing-out phase. So I went for it and I loved it!

But here I am another year year, once again finding myself becoming bored with my hair. It's not such a big deal now as fall is coming, but all summer long I have been increasing frustrated with my hair going frizzy (curly-haired girls are sadly prone to this) or with my hair being heavy and hot, and occasionally sticking to the back of my neck. Gross. So I am contemplating a new hairstyle, and I have been giving a lot of through to the Victoria Beckham-esq style I had a few years ago.

This hairstyle was great in so many ways: It was so much quicker to style than my current hair, as I only needed about 10 mins to blow-dry and straighten, opposed to the 40+ mins I require now. It was also lighter and much easier to manage. However, being that it was so short, I couldn't pull it up into a ponytail, nor could I pull off the beloved top-knot. When I wanted to get my hair out of my face it really didn't happen, unless I used the nylon headband that I use when washing/moisturizing my face. Which, trust me, is not appropriate for public use.

So I have lots to think about before I go under the scissors, so to speak. Currently I am considering the above-shown hairstyle, but it would be quite a large difference to my current style and I am not 100% sure that this is what I want. I am really pleased with the fact that my hair is once again long enough for me to donate it, especially since I can make the donation without requiring a pixie cut. But there is also the other part of me who is already longing for long hair, even though it is still there. And also, as winter is coming soon I know that the back of my neck will be cold (as opposed to sweaty in the summer); but I do have a large collection of scarves that could easily fix this problem...

I honestly have no idea what I will do right now, if I choose to do anything at all. But I promise to keep you updated in my decision process along the way!

Photo credit: Haircut Hairstyles

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