August 31, 2012

September Photo a Day Challenge

I love reading blogs, and one of the blogs that I am currently addicted to is Fat Mum Slim. Fat Mum Slim is written by blogger Chantelle, who resides in Australia. She blogs about issues relate to her house and home, motherhood, and general things that inspire her. I absolutely love her blog and I have signed up so that I receive her posts directly in my inbox. It's that good. I would definitely recommend that all my readers check out this blog!

Each month, Fat Mum Slim publishes a "Photo a Day" list for that month. All summer long I have been looking at the lists and thinking about taking part in the challenge, but there is always some lame reason that keeps me from participating. One month I chose not too because there was a picture that I couldn't think of a way to possibly photograph the subject, so I wrote off the whole month, telling myself that I would participate once the next month's list had been posted. Super lame, right?

My other major excuse is that I don't own an iPhone. Sadly, I have a BlackBerry and the quality of the pictures that it produces are no where near what the iPhone can do. Also, it means that I don't have instagram. Well, I guess I technically do - I have an iPod touch and I was able to download instagram onto it, but as it does not have a camera the process for editing photos is a real pain. I have to plug my iPod into my computer, and manually drag and drop photos from my computer onto the device. I can edit them using instagram, but then I have to manually drag and drop them back onto my computer. There honestly has to be a better way, but I am not yet tech-savvy enough to have figured it out.

I'm sure it goes without saying, but this was another excuse I had been using. In order to participate in the photo a day challenge I would have to lug my 35mm camera around with me everywhere I went, in addition to my two BlackBerries (I also have one for work) and all of the other miscellaneous goods in my shoulder bag. But in all honesty, my camera is not that big and it's certainly not heavy. So this excuse it also pretty lame...

So no more excuses. I have have been looking forward to fall for a long time because I love the clothing and the little snap of cold, and it seems fitting that September be the month that I stop making excuses and get out there and challenge myself each day to take a picture each day. So here I go! I don't intend on posting my pictures everyday; as I described above it is quite a process for me to edit my pictures. But I will post a few really good/interesting ones occasionally, and at the end of the month I will post them all in one big collage.

Wish me luck (and don't forget to check out Fat Mum Slim)!

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