September 8, 2012

Eight Cups a Day

I have been hearing forever and ever that in order to be of optimal health, people need to drink a minimum of eight cups of water per day. I have never been a big fan of water, unless it is a really hot day and I need to quench my thirst, or if I have been to the gym and sweated out all of my reserves. I am aware of the benefits of drinking water, but I am so not motivated to do it.

But I for whatever reason this past week I chose to make sure that I got a minimum of eight cups of water per day. And I didn't cheat and count my morning coffee and evening tea into the eight cups; I made sure to drink eight cups of straight-up water.

Let me tell you that my old dislike of water is gone. I am sure that I am probably a little more healthier on the inside from adopting this habit, but there were a number of benefits to this practice that I felt almost immediately. First of all, I was more awake and alert. I am known for yawning non-stop throughout the day, to the point that people tease me frequently by asking if they are "keeping me awake". But not this week! I was a lot more awake and I felt it, which was pretty awesome.

I also noticed that I just generally felt healthier. I am honestly not sure whether this was an actual physical response, or whether this type of change can even be brought about in such a short period of time, but I just felt healthy. Perhaps it was only a placebo-type of occurrence, whereby I was aware that I was doing something  good for myself and so I felt like what I thought I should be feeling; but I don't care, it was awesome and this feeling alone will make me continue to drink eight cups every day.

The only downside to drinking a ton of water every day was also immediately obvious: You have to use the washroom on a nearly constant basis! This was a little awkward on the days when I needed be in a meeting or I was interviewing a client and couldn't run off to the washroom every 20 mins... But I am hopeful that in time my body (and my bladder) will get used to this trend and learn to deal with the increased liquids.

The moral of the story: I am not certain that eight cups a day will keep the doctor away, but it certainly gave me some near-immediate benefits that I was hoping it would, and I will keep up the practice!

Photo Credit: Red Orbit

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