September 27, 2012

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

I saw this collage on Polyvore when searching for images for my Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe post. I absolutely love it, it's such a great collection of images and items!

The quote featured in the collage struck a chord with me: When I was in university I was separated from many of my close friends, as we all moved to different cities to attend different universities. Though we kept in close contact via email and Facebook, I still always looked forward to the times we could meet and catch up face-to-face. As we all have a mildly obsessive love for anything Starbucks, we would always manage to squeeze in a "Starbucks date" whenever we were all home for a weekend or a holiday.

A few years ago after we had all completed university, a close family member of mine became terminally ill, and the importance of these coffee dates with my closest friends became salient. When I was unable to leave my house or the hospital as I was caring for this family member, the girls brought Starbucks to me, both literally and figuratively: Not only did I have a delicious drink to cheer me up, but I had their amazing company to take my mind off of what was a very stressful and sad time.

I am not sure that I accurately conveyed how important "Starbucks dates" were to me at the time, and how dear they are to me now. But I hope that my girls now know - and that we keep this tradition going strong!

Photo Credit: Polyvore

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