September 23, 2012

Pin of the Week: Fall Attire

Fall is my absolute favourite season. Not only does my frizzy hair remain flat and straight, but the clothing of the season is amazing. The textures, shapes, and colours are just the best; everything is so cozy and luxurious!

I chose to showcase the above pin this week as we officially entered the autumn season yesterday, and that officially means that I no longer feel a little silly wearing my leather fall jacket or one of my several cozy scarves out and about. My leather jacket is one of my absolute favourite articles of clothing, as it always looks good no matter what I'm wearing, and the cut of the jacket makes me look so trim, even with a bulky sweater underneath. I look forward to a dip in temperature just to wear this coat haha!

And scarves. There is nothing more cozy and comfortable than burrowing your chin into a well-layers scarf when you are chilly. I have many scarves in varying materials, textures, and thicknessess, and I love them all for this fact. I have some scarves that are very light and almost transparent in thickness, but I feel a little weird wearing a scarf when it's summer and 80 degrees outside. Even if it goes with my outfit. But in fall I don't have to worry about looking silly, scarves are appropriate and often encouraged!

I am so pumped for fall!

Photo Credit: Simple Style, Where the Sidewalk Begins

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