September 9, 2012

Pin of the Week: Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings I always take my time getting up; it's the one day of the week where I allow myself to lounge around in my pjs until noon. My husband and I usually watch some HGTV (he likes the home reno and real estate shows, I love it all..) and catch up on emails, paying bills, and other necessary things.

Necessary things like Pintrest. I usually give Pintrest a quick browse every few days, but Sundays are the days when I allow myself to spend a significant amount of browsing Pintrest. There are so many wonderful images on Pinterest; I could waste hours (and I have) browsing through all of the pictures, ideas, and images available. Some of the images are awesome, and I have actually used a recipe, tried my hand at a DIY idea, and learned how to better my photography thanks to things that others have pinned and I have re-pinned. I follow other bloggers, follow celebrities, and follow my friends, and I get inspiration from it all.

But then there is another side to Pintrest: The side that is completely unrealistic, or it has the potential to be realistic but not until several years from now. For instance, I have boards for my dream home and my ideal fantasy cottage. I don`t have the money to purchase my dream home or cottage (as I apparently have very big, expensive dreams), but I can pin furniture and paint colours for future use... though whether I will actually use these pins in the future will remain to be seen haha.

But in the mean time it's fun to dream. I liken it to "playing house" when I was a kid, where I could have eight kids and a dog and a perfect husband and a house to fit them all. But now I have hardwood floors, berber carpet, and under-cabinet lighting. I have expansive kitchen shelving, stylish furniture, and upgraded finishes. The "playing" part occurs when I delude myself to believe that one day I will be able to afford all of this...

Anyways, as a means of starting to create regularity within my posts, I have decided that I will be adding a new exercise to my Sunday morning pj routine: I will be posting my favourite post for the week, with an explanation as to why I favoured it. Hopefully you will like the pins as much as I do; if you do then I invite you to follow me on Pinterest!

Photo Credit: Love and Other Crazy ThingsTumblr Page (not in English)

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