September 16, 2012

Pin of the Week: Tulips

Tulips are such a wonderful flower; it is such a shame that they only bloom in the early spring. As we are just heading into autumn it is a little bit of a strange time for me to be talking about tulips, but there are a couple of reasons that I chose them as my pin of the week now, opposed to waiting six months.

I just learned recently (thanks to my mom) that tulips are planted in the fall and they remain dormant in the ground throughout the winter months. I was a little surprised to learn this, but I guess it makes sense; you often see the little green buds poking through the ground when the snow is just starting to melt, so they would have had to be in the ground before then. Knowing that this is the perfect time to plant these beauties, I purchased a bag of bulbs from the store and borrowed  a bulb planter from my mom. I will be planting them tomorrow after work, weather permitting.

Fingers crossed that the squirrels don't dig them up before spring!

I set aside a few bulbs that I don't intend to in my garden, and I will be attempting to re-create the growing technique pictured in another tulip pin. I have a beautiful vase that I bought a little while ago that would be perfect for this project, and tomorrow after the planing is done I will be setting up the vase; wouldn't it be awesome to have tulips year-round?

I have very little to go on for this project, as the link associated with the pin doesn't provide any direction. The original pinner (or at least the person I re-pinned from) was kind enough to provide some directions. They are as follows:

1. Fill a glass container about 1/3 full with glass marbles or decorative rocks.

2. Set the tulip bulb on top of the marble/stones, with the pointed end facing up. Add a few more marbles/stones so that the bulb is supported in place, but not covered.

3. Pour fresh water into the container, but do not let the water touch the bulb. The water should come very close to the bulb, so that the roots are able to grow into it.

And that's it. I am a little concerned about a few things, and the limited directions don't seem to discuss any of my concerns. First, how often do I change the water? And given that I don't want the water to touch the bulb, how do I do this? Secondly, I am not a huge gardener, but I was under the assumption that plants need earth to grow in, as they obtain nutrients and oxygen from the earth; there is no earth involved in this, so how does the tulip actually grow? And lastly, I feel like there is a very strong potential for mold to grow in the bottom of the container, given that stagnant water tends to breed this...

Regardless of my concerns I am still going to try this out. All I have to lose is a couple tulip bulbs and a little bit of my time. I'll keep you updated as the process goes on (and hopefully grows into something)!

Photo Credit: Trees and Flowers

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