September 22, 2012


You may have noticed that the look and layout of This & That is changing. And when I say "may have", I mean that I certainly hope you did, because big things are happening here!

I love the old layout of This & That - don't get me wrong - but I found it to be too much really. Between the mix of colours in the header and the crazy use of stylized fonts, I found the old layout to be a little too busy for my liking. And the heavy use of black contrasted against the white background didn't really help things either. So I am making some improvements, which will hopefully make the look of the blog a little more aesthetically pleasing, and a little easier on the eye.

So I therefore ask that you bear with me. I intend to try and maintain the regular content that I feature, but I will be making little changes here and there when I get the chance. I also intend to retro-fit my older posts, as I am making changes to the date header and the way that images are presented, so please be patient while I make these changes.

As always, comments are welcomed. What do you think of the new look that's emerging?

Photo Credit: Granite Transformations

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