September 2, 2012

What's My Age Again?

Today, while at the grocery store, I was approached by a friendly members of the sales team who was running a promotion related to back-to-school. "Are you looking for back to school lunch ideas?" she asked me as I shook my head no. I will admit that as I walked away I was a little insulted: It's been two years since I have followed the annual back-to-school ritual, and my most recent return to school was for graduate studies. As a mature student. So I was surprised and a little taken a back when this sales person mistook me for someone requiring school lunches. However, this isn't the first time someone has made that mistake, so I ignored it and kept shopping.

But then a much worse though crossed my mind: Perhaps she thought that I would need back-to-school lunches for my kids! Perhaps she recognized that I myself am too old for school, but lumped me into the mommy category. Given my age it is not totally unreasonable to assume that I would have children, but to assume that they are of school age? I wouldn't mind getting mistaken for a mom when I have my niece or nephew with me in public, but alone and without children in tow? No one wants to be a soccer mom until they are a soccer mom.

I honestly have no idea what prompted that sales associate to place me into either category. Perhaps it was her job to ask everyone who walked by if they needed ideas for back-to-school lunches, and I could be making a much bigger deal out of this than it really is. But you can imagine my relief when my trip to the beer store later today resulted in my being carded as I checked out.

Photo Credit: Daisy Green Magazine

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