October 13, 2012

For the Love of Freckles

I absolutely love fall! In my opinion this is the best season of the year: The outfits are cute, my hair stays straight and smooth, and my makeup doesn't sweat off my face like it did all summer long. I freaking love fall.

The only downside to this crisp and chilly season is the fact that my freckles fade away and begin their winter-long hibernation. When I was young I absolutely hated my freckles: They spanned my nose and spread across my cheek bones, and a few even dared so far as my forehead. I considered them to be tiny little marks that marred my complexion. And as a teenager fighting the appearance of pimples I hated my freckles even more, as I thought they resembled acne scars and made me look even more pimply.

But as I outgrew my awkward teenage years I started to grow fond of my freckles. The fact that few others had freckles was why I once hated them, but this soon became the reason that I loved them; they made me stand out a little from the crowd, a subtle little difference from everyone else.

Thank goodness that I was warming up to my freckles, as my very first trip to the Caribbean in 2010 resulted in an explosion of freckles in places I had never had them previously. It seemed like anywhere the sun touched my skin, I got freckles. Not only are freckles still prominent on my face, but they have spread to my shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet as well. And I love them! They are a cute little feature that make me unique.

So it makes me a little sad every year when fall rolls around and I no longer remain outside in the sun for long period of time, as this means that my freckles lighten, and in some cases disappear. I know that they will return again next spring, but my face looks so bare all winter long. And as I am someone with a very light complexion, the little hint of colour from freckles is greatly missed.

I guess we can't have our cake and eat it too, so the fact that fall is great in so many other ways makes up for the short-term loss of my freckles. But I'll be honest, the return of my freckles gives me one thing to look forward to each spring!

Photo Credit: 500px: Erika Parfenova

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