October 4, 2012

I Am Not a Cook

Sorry to disappoint, mom. But I came to a very startling realization this past week: I don't like cooking.

I always thought that I liked to cook - since I certainly love to eat - but I don't. I think I have been trying to trick myself into the notion that I like cooking for a long time, and I had even gone so far that last fall when I was briefly unemployed I wrote a cooking blog (now defunct). But it didn't last long, because I found it to be too demanding when I went back to work, as the premise of the blog was that I would cook at least one new recipe per week. One a week! When I found myself no longer into my cooking blog that should have told me something right there: One new recipe a week is hardly a challenge for those who enjoy what they are doing.

But I didn't figure it out then, and I continued to try and cook new things. Try being the operative word here, as many attempts were failures. But it still didn't click with me until this week when I was speaking with a co-worker about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and she she said "Aren't you the one who is always posting your baking on Facebook? Ya, you just posted about Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes!" And she had a point, but I had never realized it before: I am a baker.

It all makes sense: I love to make cookies and decorate them in pretty ways. I like cakes, and melted chocolate, and icing. I like mixing ingredients, I like putting things into the oven and watching them rise, and I like liking the beaters. I am a baker; how did I not realize this before?

Now that I have come to this realization, that is not to say that I won't cook anything ever again. But I am sure that most of my efforts will be focused on baking, and all of the delicious things that result from it. Stay tuned for some lovely recipes!

Photo Credit: Nicolesy

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