October 20, 2012

My Latest Nail Polish Obsession: Essie's Marshmallow

I saw this gorgeous nail polish on Pintrest (where else), and I surprisingly fell in love with it: This is Essie's Marshmallow. I don't normally like light-coloured nail polish, as I find it difficult to apply evenly, and very unforgiving to the slightest little imperfect brush stroke. But this colour is awesome - it's not too white (think white-out) but it is still enough of a contrast to the colour of my skin, so that it's not just another neutral. Also, the thickness of colour appears to be non-translucent, which theoretically makes it a little harder to mess up when applying.

As I have previously mentioned in my Pin of the Week post on mulberry nail polish, despite my love for the Essie packaging and the quality of the nail polish, I can't rationalize spending $10 on a bottle of nail polish. I only own a few legit bottles of Essie polish, and it is simply because I was unable to find the exact shade in another cheaper brand. However, I after searching high and low and comparing shades in the store, I was able to find a pretty close alternative to Marshmallow: Rimmel London French Manicure Pro in French Ivory. Instead of paying $10, this nail polish was only $3.75. What a steal!

Photo Credit: Essie

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