October 21, 2012

Pin of the Week: Fall Colour Pallet

My must-have colour right now for a cardigan is mustard yellow. So when I saw this pin, I re-pinned it right away, as it captures the essence of every reason why I want a mustard yellow cardigan.

Mustard yellow is one of those colours that only comes around once in a while. In a world full of neutrals, every season seems to have it's trendy colour: Last fall was burgundies and deep purples, last spring was robin blue and similar pastels. Despite the name of the colour, which isn't the most pleasant (as most of us try to avoid wearing mustard on our clothes), this colour is pretty awesome. It's bright without trying too hard, and it's reminiscent of the jewel-toned colour trend of a few years ago, but without being too over the top.

I have always been more of a neutral colour wearer my whole life - navy blues, blacks, greys and browns have always been my go-to colours of choice. But lately I have been trying to break out of my niche and expand the colours in my closet.

This pin shows exactly how an un-adventurous person such as myself can mix in a little colour. Other than the sweater (and the cute coffee mug) this outfit is completely constructed from neutrals. The yellow cardigan adds a pop of colour that makes the outfit complete. It makes it seasonally-relevant, without being too in your face, and it takes an otherwise plain outfit from simple to smashing.

Photo Credit: Tumblr: Middle Child Complex

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