October 7, 2012

Pin of the Week: Mulberry Nail Polish

I have said many times before, and I am certain I will say it again, but I love fall colours! I am not normally a fuchsia/mulberry/dark pink kind of person, but when it comes to nail polish I can't resist. I actually came across this picture and loved it instantly - it was one of my first-ever pins when I joined Pintrest because I knew I would want to keep it for reference later on.

The picture is actually from a blog that I adore, called Lovely Little Things. The author of this blog is showcasing Essie's "It's Genius", which appears to be a wonderful colour, and perfect for fall.

I love Essie nail polish, as not only does it apply well, but I find that it has less of that pungent smell known to other brands of nail polish. The colours available are great, and I find that they last a long time. Even the packaging is nice! But I hate the price of this polish; I have such a hard time paying more for nail polish than I do for lunch.

So I resolved to find an alternative nail polish brand in a similar shade. After much searching of the racks and racks of nail polish in various stores, I finally found a suitable alternative, and I now swear by this nail polish as my go-to fall mulberry colour: Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle in #350 Perfect Plum. This nail polish is the perfect shade, and I totally recommend it. The only down side, however, is the fact that as the colour is so vibrant, when you are removing it, it tends to bleed and smear more than other nail polishes I have previously used, and so it takes a little extra effort to get it off. But otherwise, it's the perfect mulberry shade!

Picture Credit: Lovely Little Things

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