October 27, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away...

My morning started way too early today, as I forgot to turn off my alarm clock before I went to bed last night. Thus, I was rudely woken from my glorious sleep at 5:30am by and incessant beeping. Not only was I extremely irritated to have had this happen, but I was disappointed to have such a great night's sleep interrupted on the only day that I can really sleep in. To make matters worse, once I quieted the shrill scream of my alarm clock, my ears picked up on the steady drum of rain outside. Nothing is worse than waking up and realizing that the weather is going to make for a cold, damp day.

I am a firm believer that on days like this, everything should shut down and we should all stay in our warm beds. Quite frankly, rainy, cold, damp days make me very grumpy. The reasons for my bad mood are practically endless: I am cold, my hair is ruined, my clothes are damp, the traffic is horrendous because people seemingly forget how to drive, my dog gets muddy, my house/office is dank and dark due to lack of sunlight... the list goes on and on. And let's not forget the fact that I am not the only grumpy one; everyone else seems to be less than impressed that they have been required to leave the comfort of their warm bed/home to attend work/school/wherever else they have to be. So rather than involve myself in all this grumping, I chose to stay in bed.

Thankfully, I was able to get back to sleep soon after I shut off my alarm clock. However, my precious sleep didn't last very long, as I was once again wide awake by 7:20am, less than two hours later. I lazed around in bed for a while, surfing Twitter and Facebook on my phone, until this became boring and I was forced to get up. But don't worry, I still kept to my strong belief of remaining cuddled all day: I simply moved from my bed to the couch, making sure to be in close proximity to a lot of snugly blankets, a warm cup of coffee, and the TV remote. The perfect set-up for a day like this.

I have RSVP'ed to go to a friend's Halloween party tonight, and attending means that I will have to actually leave my cocoon of blankets and become a productive member of society. And it means I will have to venture out into the rain, breaking my own rule. But in the mean time, I will just keep snuggling...

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt // VisualizeUS

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