October 31, 2012

Shell Out, Shell Out, The Witches Are Out!

I am really not that into Halloween, as I think it is a pretty silly and unnecessary excuse for a holiday - and to even refer to it as such, in my opinion, is a good example of playing fast and loose with the term 'holiday'. There is just something about Halloween that bothers me, and I assure you that it's not the costumes and the gore. Rather, I think it is a pretty gross example of consumerism at it's finest: Parents are required to splash out cash for a new costume for their child(ren) each year, which is sadly often hidden under the large rain or winter jacket that children are required to wear, because the weather is October is horrendous. And how ridiculous it is that the occupants of each home are expected to dole out a 'treat' to the one hundred or so decorated children knocking on their door, in order to prevent themselves from falling victim to the ever-threatened 'trick'?! Halloween festivities reportedly began a very long time ago, when people were legitimately looking to ward off the souls of the dead; now the we're all digging deep into our wallets trying to ward off mischievous children...

Obviously when I was a child I thoroughly enjoyed Halloween and looked forward to it each year. I was always excited to have my mom make me a new costume (as mom's did back then) and then have my dad accompany my brother and I around the neighborhood to collect as much candy as our pillowcases could possibly hold. My grandmother would even get into it, as every year without fail she would dress up in a witch's costume and chant "Shell out, shell out, the witches are out" as we made our way around to each house. Frankly, it was awesome. But the older I get the more ridiculous Halloween becomes, and each year I question the alleged holiday with increasing disdain. Perhaps I am becoming Halloween's equivalent of the Christmas Scrooge (there's a costume idea...), but I honestly no longer can see - or care to see - what all the fuss is about. This is simply a day each year when I turn off all the lights in the house, dread the chime of the doorbell, and pray that my house/cars aren't coated in eggs when I get up for work the following morning. All while trying to ignore the fact that much like Valentine's Day (which represents another questionable use of the term holiday), the grocery stores are overwhelmed with chocolates and other sweets that seem harder and harder to remove from my waistline as the years go by. So shell out, shell out, 'cuz this bitch is out.

Photo Credit: Halloween Witch at Faithweb

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