October 24, 2012

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

I was recently watching HGTV's Four Houses, and one of the contestants was describing her home. She was discussing how it was stylish and elegant, formal yet sexy. And then she exclaimed "my house is a high-heel shoe!" Instantly in my mind she became the {not so old} woman who lived in a shoe. But it also got me thinking: What kind of shoe would be house be?

I'm pretty certain it wouldn't be a high heel, as my house is not elegant or formal or sexy, though there are some aspects of my house that I would consider to be stylish...

After much consideration I decided that my house is a flat. Flats are cute and trendy. Flats are plain, decorated, sparkly, and matte. These shoes come in all shapes and sizes, colours, textures, and fabrics. Flats are versatile  They can be dressed up or dressed down, and they are appropriate for many varied occasions. But most importantly, flats are comfortable.

I like to think of my house as being very similar to a good pair of flats. My house is stylish and trendy, as the paint colours and furniture reflect the current trends. My house comes in many (paint) colours, and the furniture and fabrics are varied. My house can be dressed up for the holidays, or it can be dressed down when I have no one to impress (and I allow myself to be a little lazy). But most importantly my house is comfortable and lived in.

The lady on Four Houses who lives in a high heel home discussed the extensive upkeep involved in maintaining her house, and honestly, though her home was beautiful, it did not appear to be lived in. It actually resembled more of a museum for nice things than a place of residence. Though I dream of having a high heel home worthy of a spread on HGTV or in Style at Home Magazine, I think that having a house akin to a pair of flats is much more practical. After all, comfort and versatility are what make a house a home.

Photo Credit: Vintage Wedding Planner

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