October 13, 2012

These Uggs Were Made for Walking

Ugg boots were all the rage when I was in university, circa 2006. I admit that I initially thought these boots looked like the stupidest things I had ever seen; I thought they looked lumpy and shapeless, and thus made the wearer's feet resemble the feet in a small child's scribbley drawing of a person. But they quickly became all the rage and I soon jumped on board and bought my first pair - though I will admit that I found the actual Ugg brand to be a little over-priced, so I settled for a knock-off brand.

I rationalized my purchase by telling myself that I needed them, as they are very warm, and at the time I was living in Ottawa, ON and it was cold in the winters. But pretty soon it was obvious that I loved these boots for the way they looked and the high-fashion status they then held. I loved them so much in fact, that when my first pair wore out, I bought a new pair, but black instead of camel-coloured this time. And when the salt from the road turned my black pair white after a little while, I purchased another camel-coloured pair, but the shorter version this time. I was hooked.

So here we are six years after the peak of Ugg popularity, and I still have a pair of camel-coloured boots. Though they are no longer as fashionable as they used to be, and even though I have reverted to once again thinking that they look pretty ridiculous, I will admit that I still wear these boots. I had to run errands this afternoon, and on a very chilly, rainy day such as today, there is no other form of footwear that I would consider. Because at the end of the day, these boots are warm, and they are comfortable. They are also very easy to get on and off, so when buying clothes they are very convenient to remove and put back on as needed. At the end of the day fashion has become function, which was initially the reason I gave myself when I bought these boots in the first place. These boots really were made for walking...

Photo Credit: The Guardian

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