November 20, 2012

The Big Bang Theory

About a year ago, I was ready for a change with my hair, and so I took the plunge and had bangs cut. I was pretty apprehensive, as the last time I had bangs I think I was about five years old, but I was so bored with my hairstyle that I figured any risk would be worth it. Thankfully, my risk paid off, as I absolutely loved my bangs the second the scissors cleared my face and the last shred of hair hit the floor. They were perfect, and they suited my age, meaning that they didn't channel my five year old self.

But I am getting restless again. Earlier this year I discussed the possibility of chopping off my very long hair in favour of a cropped bob, as I was once again getting bored with my hair. I am very happy to say that I gave that thought some serious consideration, and chose not to go with it. Though it probably would have looked ok, I have a renewed appreciation for my long hair as we transition into winter and I can use it for warmth. But I still have that restless feeling knocking around in the back of my head.

So I think my bangs are getting the axe. Not literally of course, as they regularly get trimmed every three weeks, and I still find them to be a pain. But in a more figurative sense, it's time for these bangs to go. Or so I think. This is part of my problem too - I think I want to do something with my hair, and then I second guess it. Sometimes this is for the best, like when I was thinking of chopping off all my hair back in August, but sometimes this gets in the way of progress more than anything else.

My bangs have truly got to go, and I need to stop second-guessing myself. They have been annoying my for a long time, as they have a lot of downsides associated with them. The obvious pro is that that look super cute and trendy right now, but the cons are slightly less obvious: First of all, as a wearer of glasses bangs are simply an inconvenience, as they constantly fight with the top of rim of my glasses for dominance of my lower eyebrow area. Secondly, given that my hair is not naturally straight, it takes a lot of work in the mornings to get my bangs to straighten and then remain straight throughout the day. Thirdly, have you ever tried to work out while sporting bangs? If you don't clip them back {which requires more bobby pins than Goodie sells in a single package}, you end up with sweat-soaked hair clinging to your forehead, dripping sweat directly into your eyes. Not only is this incredible unattractive, but it renders you temporarily blind. The worst part though, is that bangs grow out so damn fast. Bangs require constant upkeep, and unless you are skilled enough or are trained to cut them yourself, you will have to attend the salon on a very frequent basis. My bangs currently demand a trim approximately every three weeks; I guess this could be worse, but I consider it to be fairly taxing for something that annoys me on a near-daily basis.

The problem now though, becomes what to do with these bangs. If I choose to grow them out {which is currently the path I think I am on} then I will have to deal with the awkward phase whereby my bangs hang limply in my eyes, continuing the ever-present battle with my glasses. And then once they have rendered me no better than a sheepdog, I will have to figure out several different ways to pin/clip/gel/braid them off my forehead and out of my eyes, while still remaining trendy and current. This is no easy task.

My other option is the definition of insanity: Just keep doing what I'm doing and hope that something changes. Either I will learn to love them {doubtful, it's been more than a year already}, or they will just magically stop being annoying in all of the reasons that I described above. I don't have much faith in either option. So right now I am hesitantly opting for the grow-out; if you have any suggestions for making this transition as least painful as possible, I would love to hear them!

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