November 28, 2012

The End of Procrastination

I hate to admit it, but I am a really, really good procrastinator, especially when it comes to something that I dread doing. Like going to the dentist, making a gyno appointment, or renegotiating my TV/Internet/wireless contract. I absolutely hate making these types of phone calls and appointments, because no matter how good they go, there is always at least one awkward moment involved. So you can understand how I have been putting off calling my TV/Internet/wireless provider in order to renegotiate my contract. I left this until practically the last minute; my contract was two years in length so I have known for a long time that I would have to make the phone call, but I put it off , and put it off, and then I put it off more, always with some great excuse as to why I couldn't possibly make the phone call right then.

Today I finally stopped making excuses and I called my service provider. I had three things to discuss, and though I ended up being on the phone for nearly an hour, I was able to have all three issues addressed and I was able to renegotiate my services. Awesome, right? Even better though, is that the way I was able to renegotiate means that I am no longer bound by a contract, so I won't have to call back to renegotiate ever! Obviously if I need to make changes to any of my services I will have to make the dreaded telephone call, but I don't have a deadline for expiration hanging over my head anymore.

The best part of this whole thing though is the relief that I feel having finally made this phone call. I no longer have it hanging over my head, and I can stop worrying about it. Honestly, as with all things procrastinated upon, I made this into something much worse than it was. I am not saying that the process was easy; I did have to haggle a bit and I did waste a lot of my time being on hold, but it wasn't as bad as I had built it up to be in my head. The moral of the story is: Stop procrastinating! {we all know I still will, but the thought is here haha}. What kinds of things do you procrastinate on?

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