November 24, 2012

The First Snowfall

Today I woke up to my husband asking me to get up and move my car, as I was blocking his car in our driveway. I grumbled and groaned and buried myself further down into the blankets, until he said: "Also, just so you know, your car is covered in snow". Instantly I was out of bed, filled with excitement and wonder, as I needed to see this to believe it. Though I always complain about being cold and hating winter, I love snow.

There is nothing more pretty in nature; snow in big, undisturbed piles is so serene, and there is something so calm about going for a walk in the snow. I simply love when snow coats the trees, and sticks to each individual branch in a sparkly dusting of white. And I adore each individual snowflake - there is something so wondrous to me about how each individual snow flake is different than the other - as each are simply their own piece of beauty.

So I was delighted to see that my husband was not over-exaggerating, and that there was indeed about a centimeter of snow on my car, his car, the ground, and the rooftops across the street. Over night without warning out whole world had been softly blanketed. How beautiful!

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt // Absolutely Not Martha

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