December 2, 2012

Pin of the Week: Homemade Christmas Garland

I found this picture on Pintrest and thought it was an awesome idea for a simple and cheap Christmas decoration. I don't currently have kids, but I think that this would be simple enough for children to make, as it is pretty straightforward and doesn't require a lot of skill. In order to recreate the above, you will need: Brown card stock, a pencil, scissors, a single hole punch, ribbon, and Christmas-shaped cookie cutters.

I traced the shape of the cookie cutters on the card stock, and then cut them out using the scissors. Once I had all of the shapes cut out, I used the single hole punch to punch a hole into the top of each cut-out. I then threaded the ribbon into each of the hole, and spaced the cut-out shapes approximately 2-3 inches apart, for the entire length of the ribbon. Tie off each of the ends in a bow and hang.

Photo Credit: Meisi Photography on Flickr

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