January 29, 2013

Eyebrow Anxiety

Trying to save some money, I recently stopped having my eyebrows professionally waxed. I figured this would be no issue, as when I was in high school I used to pluck my own eyebrows. Well. high school was a long time ago, and apparently over the years between then and now I lost my nerve. Many times I would look at my refection and take note of the fact that my eyebrows were slowing becoming unkempt, and not that long ago I settled on the fact that they had officially become out of control. But despite my analysis of the state of my bushy eyebrows, I still couldn't bring myself to raise the tweezers and pluck them back into perfection.

My anxiety was born from the fact that it is very easy to mess up eyebrows, and I really didn't want to have to live with my mistake literally displayed on my forehead. Though I did pluck my own eyebrows in high school, this is not to say that I did a good job. Rather, my amateur plucking skills came from the fact that my mother didn't want me to pluck/wax/remove them at all and refused to help me in my endeavor to clean up my uni-brow, so I was forced to take matters into my own hands. My 'eyebrow lady' has been faithfully working since then to fix the mistakes that I made in my youth, as I sadly over-plucked.

Anyways, I clearly didn't want to mess up my eyebrows so I was incredibly hesitant to do anything to them, but I was also pretty anxious about the fact that they looked so messy and unkempt. I finally took the plunge this weekend and plucked them. I figured that they already looked bad, growing all over my forehead, so plucking them into two, hopefully even lines would be an improvement  even if I screwed them up. They aren't perfect, but considering that I did them myself and I am out of practice, they look pretty good. In fact, if I wasn't writing this post you might not have known that I did them myself {or so I hope!}.

Photo Credit: eHow Style

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