January 26, 2013

High Maintenance

Earlier this month I talked about how I have reduced the amount of makeup that I wear on a daily basis, in favour of a more natural and naked face. I love makeup, but I was getting tired of always having the feeling of something on my skin, and the worry that the slightest touch against my cheek would result in a streaky appearance or the dreaded orange line.

I never really wore a ton of makeup as I prefer the more natural look to the overly made up face, and quite frankly, as I am not  a morning person I often don't have a lot of time to apply a ton of different products. I want to look great in under 5 minutes; I don't want to have to spend hours labouring to achieve a great but very painted face. I don't want to be high maintenance.

Speaking of which, I read an excellent article last week that discusses the exact issue that I am talking about. Rather than trying to re-hash the original here for you, I will simply direct to you the article, which humourously discusses the benefits of becoming high maintenance. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: All Women Stalk


  1. I prefer to look more natural, although sometimes (mostly on the weekends), I like to experiment with different lipsticks and eyeshadows. It's fun!

    1. I totally agree! I absolutely hate the feeling when you have so much makeup on that it feels like you would touch your face and it would rub off. Or that you have to be careful when rubbing your eyes/blowing your nose that you don't mess things up. But sometimes it's nice to pile it on and try different looks!


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