January 13, 2013

Pin of the Week: A Girl's Best Friend

This week my big puppy got into a fight with another dog, which resulted in her having a messy and sore bite mark on her nose and on her bottom lip. I spoke with the vet, and they told me how to clean the cuts out and keep them from becoming infected, so the wounds will heal on their own and eventually my Nala will be as good as new.

But man do I feel bad. She doesn't appear to be in a lot of pain and her wounds are healing well, but I feel awful because she is my 'baby' and there was nothing I could do to help her when she was getting hurt. I froze when the fight broke out, and I was completely useless. And when I saw all the blood, I fell apart - not because I have a problem with blood {I don't}, but rather because I knew it was from her and she had been hurt and I didn't know how bad.

The fight happened nearly a week ago now, and I am happy to report that Nala's nose and lip are healing well. But her scabs are a constant reminder to me of what happened, and I feel awful every time. She is my 'baby' and I should have been able to protect her from anything bad happening to her, ever. At least that's how I feel. She doesn't seem to be fazed though, and truthfully she probably doesn't care too much, as this whole week has been endless treats and tummy rubs on demand. She is spoiled for sure, but she deserves it!

Photo Credit: Bijou and Boheme

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