January 6, 2013

Pin of the Week: Simple & Warm

I will be honest with you, I was in the mood to write a blog post, but I was more than content searching Pintrest endlessly as a means of procrastinating this post. I was having a really hard time figuring out what this week's Pin of the Week should be, as I didn't really find anything astonishingly great that I wanted to talk about with you today.

So I settled on the above image, as it was aptly titled "Simple and Warm" and on a Sunday afternoon that's all I want to be. My husband scored two tickets to the movies and we went and saw Django Unchained -  which is a wonderful movie albeit incredibly graphic in some scenes {I may have closed my eyes once or twice and told my husband to let me know when it was safe to open them again} - and I most certainly wore my Uggs with my jeans tucked in. And my big scarf to snuggle into {and cover my eyes with}. Overall, it was a lazy and simple and warm Sunday afternoon.

Photo Credit: Polyvore

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