January 4, 2013

Updated: Considering a Crop

Last summer I discussed how I was considering the idea of cropping off a good chunk of my hair. At the time I spoke of how I was becoming bored with my current hairstyle, despite all the styles available to someone like myself, with long hair. More recently, I spoke of the trouble I was having in trying to determine whether or not I should keep or grow out my bangs. It is clear to me now that I am no longer in the beginnings of a lack of love for my hairstyle, but rather I have reached full-on boredom and now require a change.

So what to do? I have been scouring Pintrest and the Internet in general for stylist yet practical haircuts. This would be a lot easier if I had a clear idea in mind of what I want, but I am still not sure. The only thing I am sure about is that I need a change. As my hair is so long, change will naturally involve cutting off some of my hair, but the exact amount and the style are both currently unknowns.

On a side note, while searching for great hairstyles I stumbled across a great blog {The Small Things Blog} with several amazing hair styles and directions/tutorials for how to make the style happen on your own head. The author of the blog has medium-length hair, and it thus appears that the styles she demonstrates would likely work well on long lengths as well. Some styles may even suit those with short hair.

Anyways, I digress: After much searching and considering what I wanted my hair to say {yes, this is a thing} I settled on a medium style cut, or perhaps a long bob. I really like the versatility of my long hair, but I feel like it has gotten a little too long, and I am concerned that perhaps the long style makes me look a little young. But I still want to be able to pull my hair up into a ponytail and/or topknot when I need to. So I figure that a medium style gives me versatility in style, makes me look a little older, and remains functional when it needs to be. Wish me luck as I go under the scissors!

Photo Credit: eHow Style

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