February 28, 2013


Rest assured, I am not announcing my own pregnancy. Rather, one of my very good friends from university and her husband {another one of my close university friends} are expecting their first child. Their due date is very quickly approaching, as they are expecting their little bundle of joy on Sunday!

I can't even articulate how excited I am for the arrival of this little baby. My friends are the first couple in my group of my university friends to have a baby, so it's huge for all of us, not just the expectant parents. However, my good friends currently live in Quebec, so unfortunately it will be quite the road trip in order to meet their little bundle of joy when she arrives, and the winter road conditions won't make this any better. Nonetheless, I {along with my husband} will be making the trip east to celebrate with our friends and welcome their little daughter into the world!

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

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