February 11, 2013

Currently Craving Chocolate Cupcakes

Ohhh maaannnn I am craving chocolate cupcakes right now. I have eaten dinner and I am not the tiniest bit hungry, but for some reason I am obsessed with the though of a chocolate cupcake. So obsessed in fact, that I actually considered driving to the bakery down the street to buy one. And given the fact that it's cold out, my town is currently coated in three feet of snow, and I have my pj's on, the fact that I am even considering this says something big. I want a chocolate cupcake so bad!

Fighting my urges, I decided that there must be some way that I can satisfy my craving without making a trip to the bakery or the grocery store for some baking supplies {yes, I am that desperate that I would bake cupcakes at 9 o'clock at night} or ruining my waistline. So I tried looking at a bunch of pictures of delectable chocolate cupcakes - which ended up inspiring this post - but didn't do anything to satisfy my craving. I though at first it was working, as some of the cupcakes looked really sugary which turned my stomach, but then the super rich ones {like the one pictured above} kind of made my craving worse. Clearly this wasn't the answer.

Next I thought about other chocolate substitutions that I could use which might give me the same taste as a chocolate cupcake, such as making hot chocolate. But as I was putting the kettle on in order to boil the water I realized that this isn't actually what I wanted; part of my craving was to actually bite into the cupcake and taste the creamy icing and the spongy cake intermingle. This is clearly not something that a mug of hot chocolate could achieve.

Still trying to avoid venturing out into the night and contributing to my muffin top, I googled "craving chocolate" in order to see if there were any other suitable suggestions for dealing with a crazy chocolate craving that I hadn't thought of. There were actually a lot of suggestions, but most of them simply recommended substituting unhealthy chocolate items with more-healthy items such as chocolate covered rice cakes. No thank you. I thought I might actually be onto something when I found a website titled "7 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings". This website was also sadly disappointing as some of the suggestions suggest that the authors of this website have never had a chocolate craving in their life. "Wait a little"? "Drink water?" These authors must be joking.

Out of options, I don't really know what to do now. I want so badly to eat a chocolate cupcake, but I know I really don't need it. Also, I have this nagging feeling that as soon as I take one bite, I suddenly won't want a chocolate cupcake anymore. Perhaps it's now just become the thrill of the chase. Anyways, for now I will sit here and fight the urge to devour the delicious. But if you or anyone you know have chocolate cupcakes and are willing to share... Please help a girl out!

Photo Credit: Sweet Serendipity


  1. I always keep baking supplies in the pantry and am no stranger to baking at 9pm! I don't have much to suggest for resisting cravings, but I thought I'd share this recipe for Chocolate Avocado muffins. They are super dense, super rich and super delicious, but much healthier than a frosted cupcake. Oh, and they are also vegan! (I have vegan coworkers with whom I share my baking.) I use unsweetened chocolate almond milk in this recipe, which I keep in the fridge for my own chocolate cravings. :) Anyways, maybe keep muffins in mind for the next time you're craving chocolate! http://www.cookiemadness.net/2012/08/wildtree-chocolate-avocado-muffins-vegan/

    1. Thanks for the recipe Chelsea, it looks delicious! I'll for sure make these next time the chocolate cravings kick in.


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