February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentine

I don't really like Valentine's Day. To me it seems to be such a useless holiday in the sense that it holds no true value. It is hyped up to be a day where couples shower each other with love and sentiment, but we all know it's not genuine. It's simply a holiday that was initially invented with good intent, but much like Christmas it has been twisted into something else entirely. To me, Valentine's Day is nothing more than a cash grab for companies like Hallmark and Hershey's.

So I boycott it. I will ohhh and ahhh over everyone else's sweet presents and nice gifts, but I don't take part. It's not that I am excluded - and trust me, Valentine's Day can be VERY exclusionary to the single ladies {and gentlemen} out there - but rather that I have made the choice to exclude myself. I don't think that love and affection should be shown in such a commercial way, and I really dislike the expectations {and oft-resulting disappointment} that come with a fake holiday such as this. It becomes a pissing contest of sorts; who got the bigger box of chocolates, who got roses, and whose boyfriend/husband did the best job at buying an elaborate gift. We all know that the men aren't out there buying us things for Valentine's Day because they want to, they are doing it because they feel they have to. This sense of obligation is what robs what once was a well-intended day of celebration from it's authenticity.

In order to restore some semblance of true affection into the 'holiday', my husband and I have created our own celebration of sorts. Rather that partaking in the over-priced chocolate, balloons, flowers, and fancy dinners, my husband and I totally forget about the fact that Valentine's Day is anything special. Aside from the obligatory "Valentine's Day" wish to each other as we leave for work in the morning, we don't even think twice about it. The magic starts the next day, on February 15th. We go to work like any other normal day, but when we get home we go out the grocery store and purchase some left-over clearance-priced Valentine's Day candy and/or chocolate. It's really nothing special, but there is something nice in knowing that we have our own little tradition for the day after Valentine's Day that actually has some meaning.

Photo Credit: Love Graffiti on Tumblr

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