February 3, 2013

Pin of the Week: On Hold

As many of my dedicated readers know, each Sunday morning I have been posting images that I have found on Pintrest in a weekly feature called "Pin of the Week". I started this feature last September when I was pinning like it was my job, and I was obsessed with everything Pintrest. Since then I have faithfully been pinning and writing about some of my favourite pins each Sunday morning without fail.

But more recently I have found that I have been becoming somewhat bored with Pin of the Week; there are lots of things that I am pinning {outfits galore!} but nothing that really makes a great article or something interesting to talk about. I mean, really, how much can I babble on about a great outfit combo or a paint color? Some people certainly can {as there are lots of fashion and design blogs out there} but I am finding it increasingly difficult to do that on such a frequent basis, while making the information fresh and relevant.

So I have decided that for the meantime I will be putting the weekly Pin of the Week feature on hold. That's not to say that this will not resurface again soon {as I am always looking for a new project or hobby and need some pinspiration} but right now I am going to shelf this feature.  This is not to say that I have stopped pinning, and I will likely continue to do so without fail. So keep following me on Pintrest, and happy pinning!

Photo Credit: Pintrest for the Profesional

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