February 27, 2013

The Colour and The Shape

My new condo is presenting somewhat of a design/decorating challenge for my husband and I. Not only do we have a very small amount of space with which we have to cram everything we currently own, but we have to make it look good while doing so. As a result, we will have to part with many of our much-loved furniture pieces, as they simply will not fit, or they do not offer us the combined comfort and functionality that we need. For instance, we are now in the market for a great-looking queen size bed frame that has shelving underneath. This is not as easy to find as one might think, as most of these styles of beds are made for children and thus come in bright colours and sizes no larger than a twin. Not exactly what we're looking for.

On top of these more logistical challenges comes the actual styling and decorating. Both my husband and I love industrial style, so thankfully we agree on the general theme to follow. However, we have also recognized that this style is characterized by blacks and greys and metallics - which can be quite boring if they are the only colours present in the condo - but we have no idea what other colours to mix in. I am trying to consider all angles; I want the condo to have a definite industrial-style feeling, and I think this will be well-achieved through some of our new furniture, lighting, and wall-hangings. But at the same time I don't want it to be cold. I have seen several images on Pintrest that emulate industrial style well, but the spaces always look so cold and almost clinical. Though sometimes pretty, this is not the feeling that I want for my home. That being said, the logical step would be to bring in warmer colours through throw blankets, pillows, and perhaps even a few decorative items placed throughout.

Currently we are looking to purchase a light grey sectional couch as a means of lightening up the more dark and drab colours associated with this style, and I think this is a great start. However, then I am left wondering what colour{s} of throw pillows I should place on the couch, and tie in throughout the room with decorative items. Currently, corals and yellows are great colours to match with grey, but my husband isn't really into either colour, and truth be told, I'm not sure that I would love either colour on an everyday long-term basis. I am also considering red and orange and white {and associated shades in between} as I am currently loving these colours as they are warm and bright. But I am also concerned that my love of them will be fleeting, and while I love them now, in six months time I may regret this choice. I guess this is why I typically end up sticking to neutral colours; they are timeless and I don't often regret them.

But I am tired of being neutral, and I want to mix in colour. This I know for sure, even if I can't figure out what colour or colours to incorporate. So readers, I need your help. Have any of you ever struggled with this problem? What colours did you eventually choose to adorn your home? Do you still like them or do you regret your choices? Any and all feedback would be so greatly appreciated!

Photo Credit: Stylizimo Blog

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