March 7, 2013

Here's Looking at You, Spring

I don't know about you, but I am so over winter. It really has to go. I have had enough of these snow storms, slippery ice, and cold gusts of wind that chill to the bone. It has reached that point where I am no longer happy to hear that it's snowing of that we are expecting a snowstorm - the romance associated with snow softly falling is over. In a similar sense, my love affair with chunky sweaters and cable knits is done {for now; I'm certain it will return again mid-September}. I want so badly to wear bright spring colours and not look out of place in a sea of neutral winter hues. I want to wear a cardigan instead of a jacket. I want to wear flats!

I think the shoes are the thing I miss most throughout the winter months. While boots are wonderful and I often look forward to cool weather at the end of summer so that I can wear them, they tend to become a bit cumbersome by the end of winter, no matter how cute they are. I just want to slip on a pair of flats and carry on with my day. My love of the ever-awesome slip-on ballet flat is not born out of laziness and/or my sense of style {well, perhaps in part}, but it is also born out of functionality. At my lovely job I am constantly visiting clients in their homes, and this means that my shoes are on and off all day long. I am sure you can appreciate how much of a problem this can be when wearing boots - I can't even count the number of times that I have stumbled, tripped, or nearly tipped over when trying to put my boots back on as I am leaving a client's home. How embarrassing. So not only am I looking forward to spring shoes from a fashion standpoint, but in an attempt to maintain my professionalism I am really looking forward to the change of season as well!

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