March 2, 2013

Shop Til You Drop

This morning I went to the mall. As I am really trying to save money I have been avoiding the mall as much as possible, as I will be honest, I am terrible for the impulse-buy. However, I needed to pick up a few staples {i.e. hair ties} and I wanted to do a little window shopping. Also, I have been in the market for a red leather wristlet, so I figured that I would have a look while I was there.

I had seen a really nice red leather wristlet on the Coach website, but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much, and I also wanted to see it in person before I splashed out that kind of money. I was pretty excited about it - I have been looking for a red leather wristlet for a while but I am picky - and I thought that perhaps I had found what I have been searching for. But no. The wristlet was much to small, and not at all worth all the money that Coach was asking for it.

Never a quitter, I decided to walk the mall to see if I could find another wristlet that would be more what I was looking for. I also figured that at other stores I may be able to score one for a good price; red is more of a fall colour, and given that several stores have started bringing out their spring merchandise, there may be some good sales that I could scour. There certainly was, and many stores had several options of red wristlets for me to choose from, like Danier Leather and Roots.

Sadly, I still wasn't able to find what I wanted. But I wasn't ready to give up until I was sure that none of the stores in the mall had what I was looking for, which means that I walked both levels of the mall in entirety. I am not sure the distance I covered, but I was there for just under two hours. By the time I called it quits I was pretty disheveled: I was exhausted from fighting crowds, and I was hot and itchy as I had left my wool coat on the whole time. Not to mention that I was disappointed that I was unable to find exactly what I wanted. I may have been borderline hot mess. There is nothing like going to the mall or any other store with a particular product in mind, and being unable to find it. Oh the frustration!

Photo Credit: Jesspants Blog

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