March 9, 2013

Staying in Bed All Day

We all daydream about all the wonderful things we wouldn't do if we could just stay in bed all day {or at least I do...}. I always thought that this would be great: I would stay snuggled in my bed, warm and comfy, watching TV re-runs and enjoying the lovely life of doing nothing. It always seemed to me to be the best way to spend a "lazy" Saturday, as opposed to the way I typically spend them now - cleaning the bathroom, doing load{s} of laundry, and making lunch for the upcoming week.

Having hurt my back recently, I have been {and still am} spending a lot of time laying in bed or on the couch, in an effort to stop the burning, shooting pain that stabs it's way down both of my legs. The relief I get from laying down and having my back flat is amazing, but despite what I may have thought, staying in bed all day sucks. As I lamented my bed rest blues to you in a previous post, I won't do it again. But I have certainly learned my lesson: Be careful what you wish for!

Photo Credit: SantaBanta

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