April 17, 2013

There are Never Enough Hours in the Day

I know I previously promised more blog posts when my back got better, and I have failed to deliver. And I am tremendously sorry about that, I am usually good on my word. But I am seriously running on steam right now. And sadly it looks like this may be the case for the foreseeable future.

My wonderful  job that I told you all about {without actually telling you what I do} last winter has become absolutely insane. I still love it more than ever, but it has taken over my life as of late. I was supposed to be moving into a different unit at work, and this transition was to start taking place at the beginning of April. The idea was that I would start handing my assignments and cases over to a co-worker who was coming back from vacation and would be taking my current position. However, due to unforeseen circumstances this co-worker has not yet been able to come back to work, which means that this transition of handing work over has not yet begun. But the part of the transition that required me to take on the work related to my new position most certainly has! So I am currently doing two jobs - though I love them both very much it's very overwhelming due to the sheer volume of work I have right now. Last week I worked 10 hours a day in the office {50 hours} drove my hour-each-way commute every day {another 10 hours} and then worked from home approximately 2 hours each night {another 8 hours}, with the exception of Thursday because I was just too spent. In total I dedicated almost 70 hours to work last week. It was insane!

Life at home is just as crazy, if not more so. You may remember a little while ago I mentioned that my husband and I were selling our house and moving into the city - well all this is going down two weeks from today. Two weeks! While this is very very very exciting, it is also a huge source of stress. Not only do we have to pack everything, but given that we are downsizing from our house into a condo we have a lot of pieces of furniture and other misc things that we need to sell. We also have to figure out where to put the things that we want to keep but can't fit into the condo - do we store them elsewhere or do we try and make everything fit into our tiny storage locker in our building? What stuff can we put at the back of the storage locker {i.e. what stuff can we bury} and what needs to be placed at the front so it can be easily accessed? There is a lot of logistical thinking that apparently needs to go into this move. And then there is the issue of having our address changed with every person/organization who ever sends us mail, and having our Internet/cable/phone services changed, cancelling our house insurance, getting condo insurance, getting the keys, lawyers fees.. It just never seems to end!

And I still have to file my income taxes too.

So once again, I ask you dear readers, to please bear with me. I promise you more blog posts again in the near future, once everything settles down and I actually have time to write. Thanks for your patience!

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