May 20, 2013

My Bad... Kinda

So I disappeared there for a bit again, and I don't really know what to say other than I hope you will understand and stick with me. I'm back, I promise!

The reason for my absence is that my husband and puppy and I packed up and moved to a totally new city two weeks ago. Not only have we been exhausted from the sheer stress of the move, but we have been busy unpacking as well. And the move was intended to force us to make some changes to our lifestyle, which I am very happy to report have begun. But sadly for this blog, it means very little time to blog. Though I have lots to talk about, I have no time to sit and bang it out.

Though I am disappointed in myself for my lack of posts, I must admit that I am absolutely thrilled that my blogging time had been reduced due to the fact that I am actually getting up and moving. Today was a holiday in Ontario so I didn't have to work; the day strongly resembled a Sunday. My typical Sunday morning activities include drinking coffee, watching HGTV, and blogging and/or surfing Pinterest. In the past, holidays tended to resemble this as well. However, now that I live in a condo I can't simply let my dog out into the backyard and plant myself back on the couch. And frankly, this is a pattern that I wanted to end. While sometimes we all need those down-time days, having several in succession is simply lazy. So I am proud to say that rather than sitting on the couch and blogging, I took my dog for two walks this morning, one of which was an hour and a half long.

So long story short: You can probably expect fewer posts from me from now on. When I first started this blog I was posting on average once every other day. Perhaps this is something that I will achieve again, maybe when the weather becomes colder, but for now this is impossible to keep up while also working full-time and trying to enjoy the outdoors and the exercise it brings as much as possible. But stay tuned, I'll be back again soon!

Photo Credit: Club Mom

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