About Me

I was born in Toronto
But I moved around a few times since then. I have lived in Toronto, Markham, Ottawa, Aurora, and I'm now back in Toronto. Though I have traveled to many places, I have never lived outside of Ontario, Canada.

I went to public school
And I turned out okay. So okay in fact, that I now have an Honour's degree and a Master's degree in addition to my public education.

I was an athlete
When I was younger I was a major soccer player, starting at age 2. As I got a bit older I played house league, made it onto my high school's team and was recruited to the town's rep league.

I am an addict
As I am sadly addicted to coffee. I cannot start any day without least one cup. But I don't like it without cream and I can't drink it unless it's cooled down to a temperature just above luke-warm.

I like the colour purple
But I don't really have a favourite colour. It constantly changes.

I impulse-purchased a car
That my husband considers to be a joke. In fact, he refers to it as "the pregnant golf cart" based on it's size and shape. Say what he will, but my little putt-putt gets me where I need to go.

I am terrified of heights
Like, weak-in-the-knees scared. However, I was able to walk on the glass floor of the CN Tower a few years ago, which was kind of a big deal.

I used to be a tomboy
Not that I am in any way a high-maintenance kind of girl now, but I wear makeup and I love it. Especially nail polish, it is kind of my obsession.

I am a mother
To a very big furry puppy named Nala. No human children yet, but maybe one day.

I enjoy cuddling
With big cozy blankets on big comfy couches. If cuddling was a full-time job it would be my career.

I hate chic-flicks
Seriously. I know you won't believe me, but it's true. I would much prefer to watch a comedy or a hair-raising psychological thriller any day.

I love to rock out
Very loudly, with the windows rolled up in my putt-putt car so no one else can hear my off-tune singing.

I have tiny hands
So tiny, in fact, that it was a little bit of an issue when making my wedding band. My hands are kind of out of proportion to the rest of me: I am average height {5' 7"} and have big feet {size 9.5}.

I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up
Well, maybe I didn't always know that I would end up in the exact career that I have, but I knew that I would be doing something law-related or related to emergency services.

I am a photographer
Not a professional one or anything like that, but I love to take pictures!

I would rather be cold than hot
And accordingly, my favourite season is fall. It is the perfect blend of summer and winter.

I get bored with my hair
And as a result I have had several very different hairstyles over the past 10 years. My hair has been as short as one inch and as long as 27 inches.

I am very shy
When you first meet me. Once you get to know me {and I get to know you} I usually don't shut up.

I am not a morning person
Though oddly enough if I have to get up early {think 5am} then once I am out of bed I actually love the morning. One of my favourite things to do is drive to work while the sun is coming up; it's so pretty.

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